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Woody Wax CPR System Kit 
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Woody Wax
CPR System Kit

Woody Wax Fiberglass and Non-skid Deck Wax: 16 oz single spray bottle, 8 oz Metal Sealant, Medium Bronze Wool Pad and Applicator

The CPR Kit includes everything you need to restore and protect your anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless, and chrome from corrosion, saltwater, sunlight, oxidation, and pollution for six months - GUARANTEED!

Woody Wax is the first part of the system which breaks down corrosion and hard water spots, removes oxidation and brightens dulled metal. Simply wipe it on the metal and let it work - no buffing is required. This corrosion blocking wax can be used by itself for the protection of metals without leaving a sticky or slippery feel while lasting for approximately two months. For the restoration of heavily pitted metal, a bronze wool pad is included. (This wool will not harm anodized finishes).

The Woody Wax Metal Wax Sealant is the second part of the system which places a shell of hard wax over a strong corrosion blocking film, creating a perfectly safe environment for the metal. This system will create incredible depth, shine, and protection that will last for half a year or longer, saving you time, money and most importantly your metal!

Woody Wax:

Woody Wax is simply the easiest product you will ever use on your entire boat. Use it on T-Tops, Tuna Towers, Outriggers, Controls, Vinyl Seats, Fiberglass Non-Skid Decks, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Connections, Wiring Harnesses, Plexiglass, Engines, Boat Trailers, Fishing Gear, virtually anything that is affected by Corrosion, Saltwater, Waterspots, Sunlight, Oxidation.

Woody Wax is so easy to apply, leaves no sticky film, and gives your boat lasting protection and showroom look. Try some today, you won't be disappointed!

Woody Wax Metal Sealant:

For anodized aluminum, aluminum, chrome, stainless, and more... Prevents water spots, corrosion, oxidation for up to 6 months, providing lasting protection, sealing in corrosion blockers, creating incredible depth and shine.

For maximum benefits use after treating metals with Woody Wax. Seal your brightwork with Woody Wax Metal Sealant for long lasting, impenetrable protection, while sealing in corrosion blockers and producing incredible depth and shine.

For Anodized Aluminum With Rough Blisters Of Corrosion

Allow Woody Wax to remain on the metal for 24 hours.

A piece of fine bronze wool sprayed with Woody Wax will break down corrosion spots rapidly without hurting the anodizing. It may take several applications to fully restore the aluminum but you should see improvement with each coat. When visible improvement stops coat your aluminum with Woody Wax Metal Sealant to lock in corrosion blocking protection for six months or more.

For Oxidized Anodized Aluminum That Is Smooth But Dull:

For aluminum that is not blistered, but is extremely dull from oxidation try putting a small amount of Ultra-Gloss Compound on the cloth with the Woody Wax while applying it to the metal. Work with very little pressure and follow the curve of the metal on pipes and follow the length of the metal on flat pieces. You should see a great improvement. Then seal with Woody Wax Metal Sealant for lasting protection.


Probably the most abused metals on your boat your outriggers. With no protection from the sun, salt, weather, and pollution, outriggers are punished and rarely rinsed off properly. While almost never shammied dry or waxed above an arms length, Woody Wax can restore your riggers to close to new or keep them new looking and protect them from deteriorating! With the Woody Wax CPR System, (kit), your riggers will look new and stay that way for six months guaranteed!

Use Woody Wax the same as above, only leave Woody Wax on the riggers for a week before wiping off and sealing with Woody Wax Metal Sealant, (the longer Woody Wax has to penetrate the better the metal will look when sealed).

Price - $48.15