Brand: Aftco
Product Code: Aftco Roller Troller Flat Line Clip with Cable - FL-1
Availability: In Stock
Price: $28.59

Roller-Troller Flat Line Clips

The AFTCO Flat line clip, with a 135 lb coated stainless steel cable and heavy duty snap-swivel attached, can be rigged from the stern of the boat to put trolling lines into the water at a lower angle, helping to (1) minimize the tangling that might otherwise occur when trolling with multiple lines, and (2) keep your lures running below the surface for better action. Once the clip's tension is set, the precision engineered latching system releases your line rpeatedly at exactly the same pull to assure fewer missed strikes and less broken lines. Featuring AFTCO's legendary "roller guide action" where trolling lines roll smoothly over a polished stainless steel roller that turns right with the line- virtually eliminating friction and fraying. Your line remains strong and ready to absorb the stress from the sudden impact of a strike. Includes one clip and attached stainelss steel cable!

Model - FL-1

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