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Marine Sports
Green Lobster Snare

The Green Lobster Snare with it's quick loop is an alternative to sticking your arm into unknow lobster holes. With the quick look you can tickle the lobster from it's home and quickly snare it's tail. The stainless steel quick loop also locks in place so you don't loose your bug!

Model - 5550

Current Florida Regulations (Spiny Lobster)
Minimum Size Limit
Larger than 3" Carpace measured in the water
Closed Season
April1st-Aug5th Exception: Sport Season-last consecutive Wed & Thurs of July each year
Daily Rec Bag Limit
Regular Season : 6 Per Harvester per day
Recreational trapping prohibited. Crawfish permit required when license required. Special bag limit for 2-day Sport Season. Contact FWC reginal office for current information on Sport Season

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