Brand: Ancor
Product Code: Ancor Electrical Crimp Multi Tool - 701007
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Price: $38.04

Cut/ Strip/ Crimp Tool

Ancor's Combination Cut/ Strip/ Crimp Tool is a professional quality tool for when only the best is desired. This tool is a precision ground cutter and stripping station, with a wide crimp range of insulated and non-insulated terminals. Its "Box" crimp works with Ancor double crimp terminals, marking is embossed and paint filled for easy size indications.


  • Crimps 22-10 AWG / 0.35 mm insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and spark plug terminals in special cavities.
  • Strips insulation from 22-10 AWG / 0.35mm solid and standed wires.
  • Cuts 4-40 / 2mm, 6-32 / 4mm, 8-32 / 4.8mm, 10-32 / 6.4mm, and 10-24/ 6.4mm bolts


Model -  639-701007

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