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Florida Sportsman's Best

Boats - Book & DVD

The Sportsman’s Best Boats DVD brings the pages of the accompanying book to life. Join author Dave East as he explains everything a prospective boat buyer needs to know before purchasing a boat and all the basics of running and rigging that boat for fishing and family fun. Boat with who you want, when you want. Fish when you want, where you want. Dive, ski or just relax – it’s all up to you once you become the captain of your own boat. Make your dream of owning a boat a reality. Make turning the key of your new boat, coming up with a name for it, loading the family aboard for the maiden voyage all part of your history, part of who you are. The reliability of boat engines, user-friendly marine electronics, the quality of current boat construction and rigging all make boat ownership easier than it has ever been. This book and DVD set will launch you on your way by answering the important questions as you buy, maintain and rig your boat. Enjoy your boat from the first day you purchase it with the help of this guide to boat ownership. Read this book, watch the DVD, the rest is up to you. “Boats open a whole new world to anglers and families wanting to enjoy our rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans. After reading the book and watching the DVD, everyone in the market for a boat and every new boat owner will be better prepared to enjoy their boating adventures.” — Blair Wickstrom, Publisher, Florida Sportsman. Included in the Sportsman’s Best: Boats DVD, Dave East, Boating Editor of Florida Sportsman magazine, and host of Florida Sportsman Best Boat TV, will cover – and demonstrate – how to trailer and launch your boat. East will also give tips on boat handling, anchoring, navigation and docking. Dave East also offers sage advice for selecting the right boat for your adventures.

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