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Product Code: Starbrite Marine Polish w PTEF
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Star brite
Marine Polish with PTEF

The Starbrite Marine Polish is PTEF based polish that bonds to fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. This polish is the ultimate protection for fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. It last up to 6 times longer that other marine waxes. The UV inhibitors help stop fading and oxidation. It is Easy to use-wipe on, let dry, wipe off. The polish leaves a super smooth, no stick coating which reduces drag and repels dirt grime and stains. There is no better protection or longer lasting product on the market. Start Brite chemist have made incredible scientific, technological breakthrough- a polish that leaves an unbelievably tough, yet super slick finish which actually repels dirt, grime, oil, and stains. PTEF is Star brite's registed trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene.

#85732 Marine Polish (32fl. oz.)

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