Brand: TH Marine
Product Code: TH Marine Washdown Station - Blue Hose - WDSB-2-C-DP
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Price: $71.30

TH Marine 

Washdown Station

TH Marine Washddown Station keeps it's coiled hose stored safely. The hose is made from polyurethane material to resist UV rays, chemicals and salt. The hose is drinking water safe and has a large 1/2" diameter, that resists kinking. The hose comes complete with brass fittings and adjustable spray nozzle. A great addition to any size vessel, when installed makes the end of the day cleanup easier and your boat more enjoyable while on the water.

  • 1/2" Coiled Poly Hose
  • UV & Chemical Resistant
  • Non Corrosive Hose Fittings & Nozzles
  • Station Includes Storage Tube & Screw-Out Cover

Model - WDSB-2-C-DP - 15 Foot

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