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Fuel Medic
Ethanol Medic

Stops & Eliminates Most Fuel Problems- Powerful fuel system cleaner that cleans and maintains your fuel.  Allows your engine to perform as manufactured intended. 

Ethanol Medics is a unique organic based product that acts as a powerful fuel system cleaner.  It performs in unique ways by dissolving gum, varnish, and coarbon deposits that distort injectors and damage injector pump components.  This product will imporve efficiency, increase power, reduce emissions, reduce engine wear, stabilize fuel and dliminate harmful effects of water in your fuel.

For best results use every time you fuel and or prior to fueling to ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place. 
Use 32 oz Per 500 gallons of fuel- (1 oz to 16 gallons of fuel)

Avoid costly repairs by Treating your fuel against ethanol related problems.

Contents: 32 ounces

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