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Product Code: No Alibi Dolphin Delight
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No Alibi Lures
Dolphin Delight

The Dolphin Delight is the most versatile and productive lure ever manufactured for the dolphin fisherman. This quality combination feather lure with rubber skirt and leaded head can't be beat. Dolphin Delight is great for trolling plain or with strip bait. Plus the leaded head makes it an easy lure to sight cast when you see a school of Dolphin.

Model Size Color
DD1-1/4 1/4 oz Blue / White
DD4-1/4 1/4 oz Yellow / Green
DD20-1/4 1/4 oz Red / Black
DD1-1/2 1/2 oz Blue / White
DD4-1/2 1/2 oz Yellow / Green
DD20-1/2 1/2 oz Red / Black
DD1-1.5 1 1/2 oz Blue / White
DD4-1.5 1 1/2 oz Yellow / Green
DD20-1.5 1 1/2 oz Red / Black

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