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Trac Lock III Pedestal Seat Swivel

The Track-Lock III Swivel is one of the most popular swivels availible. It is designed to be functional,dependable,and user friendly. If you compare features,function,and cost,you`ll find the Track-Lock III Swivel is a great value. Available in both locking and non-locking models. Constructed of high quality cast aluminum with a powder coated finish,making it durable and attractive. The Track-Lock rotates 360 degrees. The locking model features a front center locking handle that elimniates the need for right and left hand inventory. Just pull up on the locking handle to rotate or push down for free rotation. We have recently improved the Track-Lock III with a 1 piece bushing sized to fit the post. Helping to eliminate any excessive movement between swivel and post.

Model Class Description
3100031 AD Locking Swivel
1100031 AP Non-Locking Swivel

Exceeds ABYC H-31 standard for Class AD & AP applications

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