Brand: Orpine
Product Code: OrPine Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner - Quart - OB2
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Price: $20.17


Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner

Orpine Bilge Cleaner is used by many professional boat captains and commercial fisherman who require a heavy duty highly concentrated cleaner to remove musty mildew odors from bilges and engine rooms. Orpine's concentrated formula means that only a small amount of cleaner is required to effectively clean bilge areas and leave a pleasant, fresh pine scent. It dissolves quickly in fresh or salt water. The natural rocking motion of your boat activates the cleaner to remove oil, grease and fuel from the bilge and not harm bilge pumps or float switches. Orpine can be used as a degreaser for marine, industrial, and home applications.

Model - 198-OB2 - Quart

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