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Product Code: Owner SSW Straight Eye Cutting Point - 5180
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* Owner SSW Straight Eye Cutting Point - 5180:


SSW style hooks are now available with a straight eye. The original SSW has an up-turned eye that is designed to be snelled on the shank of the hook, but the straight eye allows for direct knot tying. This allows for more efficient in-line hooksets. Features include Cutting Point® for superior penetration, black chrome finish, and offset point for sticking power.

Black Chrome

Model  Size Quanity
5180-071 #4 10
5180-091 #2 10
5180-101 #1 9
5180-111 1/0 8
5180-121 2/0 8
5180-131 3/0 7
5180-141 4/0 6



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