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Garmin GPS 24xd NMEA 2000 Position Receiver and Antenna.

Garmin GPS 24xd NMEA 2000 Position Receiver and Antenna.

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Garmin GPS 24xd NMEA 2000 Position Receiver and Antenna.

Product Description

The GPS 24xd position receiver and antenna gives you precise location with multi-band GNSS and heading accuracy even at slow speeds.

Explore coastal waters with the GPS 24xd position receiver and antenna.

Get position accuracy to within 1 meter with dual-frequency band GPS, 10 Hz update rates and multiconstellation support (GPS, Galileo1, GLONASS and BeiDou1). Gain peace of mind in signal accuracy, thanks to multi-SBAS compatibility. Pinpoint you're heading to within 3 degrees — regardless of speed — with the built-in magnetic heading sensor, which in turn delivers optimum chart stability, radar overlay and MARPA. The antenna is NMEA 2000® network compatible.


  • Dual-frequency band 10 Hz GPS provides location accuracy to within 1 meter.
  • Magnetic heading sensor provides accuracy to within 3 degrees, stabilizing charts, radar overlay and MARPA even at slow speeds.
  • Compatibility with four key satellite constellations (GPS, Galileo1, GLONASS, BeiDou1) for global usage
  • Multi-SBAS compatibility corrects signal measurement errors and provides information about the accuracy, integrity, continuity and availability of its signals.
  • Easy installation with under-deck, pole and surface-mount options; NMEA 2000® network compatible.
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