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Shimano Twinpower Spinning Reel

Shimano Twinpower Spinning Reel

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Newly equipped with a metal rotor, the Twinpower achieves unparalleled durability and rigidity, making it versatile for tough situations!

Metal rotor x HAGANE body.
The TwinPower has been one of the top selections in Shimano's line-up for the past 30 years.

The latest rendition is equipped with a metal rotor that suppresses deflection, distortion, and torsion, bringing together the philosophy of quality and solidity that has been pursued for many years. Combined with the HAGANE body, it achieves superior rigidity and durability. Furthermore, the rigid metal rotor produces a stable winding feel reminiscent of the Stella, and also allows for perpetually smooth reeling. In addition, the new Long Stroke Spool has improved casting performance.

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