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The Lure Jacket

The Lure Jacket

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Have you ever carried or tried to store multiple rigged fishing rods only to have the lures tangle with each other, creating a mess and giving you a severe headache?


Maybe you were out fishing or working in the garage and grabbed a rod with an attached lure, only to have a hook (or several hooks) poke into your hand?  Ouch!!


Sharp fishing lure hooks don't play well with children & pets!  Get some Lure Jackets today to help prevent a painful accident from happening tomorrow! 


You may have thought you solved those issues after you bought marine fabric lure covers, but this caused a new problem; They were not see-through so you forgot what lure was on the rod?


The Lure Jacket solves all of those issues. Store and carry multiple rigged rods; Fish with a reduced risk of cutting yourself or your boat seats and; See the lure that's on your rod while you and the lure is protected!


Junior - 6"L x 7"W - for crank-baits, jigs, plugs and small lures!

Minnow - 4"L x 5"W - ideal for small ice-fishing jigs, flies and spinners!

Lunker - 12"L x 12"W - for those Pike, Muskie, Salmon & ocean fishing lures!

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