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Product Code: Quantum PTS Iron 50 Spinning Reel - IR50PTS,,BX3
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Quantum PTS

Performanced Tuned Saltwater Iron 50 Spinning Reel

The Quantum Iron Inshore Spinning Reels deliver the best value in inshore saltwater reels. Borrowing features like TiMag from its big brother Cabo, followed by a 1-2 knockout in corrosion from the combination of SCR aluminum and SaltGuard 2.0, Quantum Iron Inshore Spinning Reels pack a punch with higher drag power than the competition. That’s a knock-out punch considering that Quantum Smoke Inshore’s are the only other metal reels lighter in weight in its class.


  • TiMag
  • CSC Drag – Ceramic Drag
  • Extreme power, ultra smooth drag
  • SCR Aluminum
  • Eliminates corrosion and improved strength
  • Saltgard 2.0
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • MaxCast II SpoolSuperior casting distance


Model Mono Capacity
IR50PTS,,BX2 12/225 25 5.2:1 11.9

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