Brand: Red Eye Lures
Product Code: Red Eye Jet Head Trolling Lures - 8 Inch Pink White
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Red Eye 

Jet Head Trolling Lures

Now we’re talking baby! The Model 2A is the big brother to the 1A. It is designed to be trolled at normal speeds (6-8 knots) with a Ballyhoo or a spilt-tail Mullet. The 2A works best when used on a flat line or a downrigger. It produces an awesome bubble trail, with a big enough nose cavity to bring that turbulence below the surface. Because of the precision machining the lure tracks very straight and is a great addition to your arsenal in a power spread. Rigging recommendation: 2-8/0 hooks @ 90 degree offset or 180 degree offset designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono .

Length - 8 Inches

Model  Color

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