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Automatic Bilge Pumps

Rule is in the midst of changing model numbers from the A Series to the B Series. We will be carrying some of the A Series until the are sold out!  The award winning Rule-Mate series of Automated bilge pumps feature a pump and a non-contact, mercury free float switch in a single, compact housing. When the float rises, the pump begins to turn on. It will delay it's activation for two seconds, thus eliminating any false starts. There is no on/off cycling and therefore, no power use until the pump comes on. When the float drops and the pump senses no load against the impeller, the shut off phase begins. At that point the pump will remain on for an additional 15 seconds allowing the pump to take the water level remaining from ¾'' to about 3/8'', drastically minimizing odors and excess water. A great benefit to boaters everywhere!


Model GPH Volts Amps Fuse Height Width Hose
29-RM500B 500 12DC 1.9 2.5 4" 5" 3/4"
29-RM8000B 800 12DC 2.8 5 4" 5" 3/4"
29-RM1100B 1100 12DC 3.3 6 4" 5" 1 1/8"
29-RM1500A 1500 12DC 4.8 10 6" 7 1/2" 1 1/8"
29-RM2000A 2000 12DC 8.4 15 6" 7 1/2" 1 1/8"

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