Brand: TH Marine
Product Code: TH Marine Washdown 25' White Hose with Nozzle - WDHBR-25W-B-DP
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TH Marine 

Washdown Hose with Nozzle

T-H marine wash down hose is a coiled hose that keeps decks neat and clear. The hose is made from polyurethane material to resist UV rays, chemicals and salt. The hose is drinking water safe and has a large 1/2" diameter, that resists kinking. The hose comes complete with brass fittings and adjustable spray nozzle. A great addition to any size vessel, when installed makes the end of the day cleanup easier and your boat more enjoyable while on the water.

  • 1/2" Coiled Poly Hose
  • UV & Chemical Resistant
  • Non Corrosive Hose Fittings & Nozzles
  • Station Includes Storage Tube & Screw-Out Cover

Model - WDHBR-25W-B-DP - 25 Foot

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