Brand: Tsunami
Product Code: Tsunami Ultra Strong Aluminum Pliers - 7.5 Inch - TSALP-75
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7.5 Inch Aluminum Pliers

Tsunami 7 1/2 inch Ultra-strong Aluminum Pliers with Side Cutters is a useful tool for fishermen. This 7.5-inch tool is made from aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum. The tool is heavily anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance and is durable and lightweight. It has titanium-coated tungsten-carbide center cutters, which can be replaced. This tool also features a handy coiled tether and clasp, which makes it very useful in tough times. It sports a spring-loaded belt loop clasp and an ergonomic grip handle. This tool also comes with a durable woven nylon belt holster, which make it easy to carry the tool around.


  • 7.5" long
  • Aluminum with coating
  • Corrosion resistant

Model - TSALP-75

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