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* Tuppen's Fluoro Sabiki's:

Tuppen's Brand

Fluorocarbon Sabiki Rigs

Tuppen's Sabiki Rigs were made for with the fisherman in mind. They have the same one pull system used by most sabike rigs, allowing for easy rigging and access. Constructed of monofilament line and high carbon steel hooks. Best of all they are very affordable and made just as good as any other manufactures! So tie a Tuppen's sabiki rig next time you want live bait in your boat.


Model Hook Size Style Color
TPSBF-002GL-4 #4 Natural Hage Kawa Glow Head
TPSBF-002GL-6 #6 Natural Hage Kawa Glow Head
TPSBF-002GL-8 #8 Natural Hage Kawa Glow Head
TPSBF-002RD-4 #4 Natural Hage Kawa Red Head
TPSBF-002RD-6 #6 Natural Hage Kawa Red Head
TPSBF-002RD-8 #8 Natural Hage Kawa Red Head
TPSBF-068GL-3 #3 Iridescent Glow Head
TPSBF-068GL-4 #4 Iridescent Glow Head
TPSBF-068GL-6 #6 Iridescent Glow Head
TPSBF-068GL-8 #8 Iridescent Glow Head
TPSBF-119GL-12 #12 Iridescent Glow Head

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