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Shoreline Marine All-Round White Anchor Light Fold Down 11"

Shoreline Marine All-Round White Anchor Light Fold Down 11"

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Stay safe on the water with the installation of this Boat Anchor Light by Shoreline Marine. With a globe that produces illumination in a 360-degree range, it increases your visibility and makes your vessel visible to others at night. The pole of this portable stern navigation light features anodized aluminum construction, making it durable against impact and marine conditions. An included base with pre-drilled holes offers easy installation on flat surfaces or angled windshields. This folding stern light lays flat after loosening the thumbscrew, keeping it out of the way when not in use or while the boat is in dock. When in use, simply tighten the thumb screw to keep the pole securely in place. Meeting the standards of the United States Coast Guard, the light is suitable for vessels measuring 39' in length or shorter. It mounts on the stern of the boat, allowing those to your rear to gauge your position and maintain a safe distance.

Shoreline Marine All Around Fold Down Boat Stern Navigation Light for Night Time Boating:

Shoreline All-Around Fold Down Light:

  • Anodized aluminum boat anchor light pole stands up to marine conditions
  • Thumb screw allows marine stern light to fold down for docking or between uses
  • Versatile base mounts folding stern light to flat surfaces or angled windshields
  • Marine anchor light globe provides 360° visibility for nighttime safety
  • Boat stern navigation light suits vessels under 39' in length
  • Portable stern navigation light meets the standards of the US Coast Guard
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