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Diamond Fishing

Diamond Fishing Wahoo High Speed Shock Leader 4pk

Diamond Fishing Wahoo High Speed Shock Leader 4pk

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Diamond Fishing Products proudly presents these NEW High Speed Trolling Leaders, designed to meet the demands needed by fishermen pulling lures at speeds of ten knots or more.

Diamond’s Wahoo Shock Leaders provide just the right amount of stretch needed for better hook sets when using braided line and maximum control around the boat when landing that once in a lifetime fish.

  • Momoi High Catch Monofilament Leader Material
  • Diamond Ball-Bearing Tournament Snap Swivels
  • Diamond Stainless Steel Thimbles
  • Momoi Silver-Lock Sleeves
  • Assembled by hand using properly calibrated Crimping Tools.

Packaged 4 Leaders in a re-usable lure bag

200 1.40mm 24ft Smoke Blue 4pk
300 1.80mm 24ft Smoke Blue 4pk
400 2.05mm 24ft Smoke Blue 4pk

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