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NLBN No Live Bait Needed Paddle & Strait Tails

NLBN No Live Bait Needed Paddle & Strait Tails

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Built from the ground up to accomplish goals that other paddle-tail baits can't, the NLBN Paddle Tail Swimbait is specifically designed to give off an action, profile, and big game capability that other paddle tails can't.  The five inch size is one of the most universal sizes, providing anglers coast to coast one bait capable of catching striped bass, tarpon, redfish, snook and beyond.  

This particular paddle tail has a thicker profile size in comparison to others in the market, giving a unique profile that matches many forage species, while also reducing its body roll which gives it a much more natural swimming action.  Its stockier profile also reduces its vulnerability to current, allowing you to stay in the strike zone longer with a much more naturally swimming bait.  

Specifically designed to work with NLBN's own screw lock Jigheads, these baits are ready to conquer your next monster!

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