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Daiwa Corp.

Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reel 3000. (PCNALT3000D)

Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reel 3000. (PCNALT3000D)

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Ideally suited for both freshwater and inshore pursuits, the Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reels provide a rich feature set for anglers who demand high performance. Built around a rigid all aluminum body, the Procyon AL LT is highly resistant to body and frame flex to keep its internal components in proper alignment. This allows for increased cranking power and torque while extending the life of both the reels gears and bearings. Featuring Daiwa's proprietary Air Rotor and Air Bail designs, the reel maintains its stringency even under heavy drag pressures for a design that is powerful yet incredibly lightweight. The Aluminum frame houses an oversized main gear that is precision cut with Daiwa's DigiGear technology that provides considerably better gear meshing to increase smoothness and reduce gear wear over time. Anglers can expect smooth and consistent drag pressure from the first pull thanks to the Advanced Tournament Drag system that eliminates the stop-and-go pulling of drag that can result in broken lines and lost fish.

Daiwa Technology Found in Procyon AL LT Spinning Reels:

  • Aluminum Body - Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminum allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.
  • DigiGear - The all-new DigiGear is precision machine cut and polished. This results in unmatched efficiency, better transfer of energy, and maximum smoothness.
  • Air Rotor - The Air Rotor weighs up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designs. Its unique shape reduces unnecessary weight while distributing stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.
  • Air Bail - Daiwa's innovative bail design features a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that delivers maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Featuring a smooth protrusion-free design and construction line, easily slides unencumbered along the Air Bail towards the line roller for trouble free line control.
  • ATD Drag - The Advanced Tournament Drag system uses a new proprietary grease that enables the reel to apply smooth and consistent start up drag pressure from the first pull, eliminating the stop and go pulling of drag that can result in broken lines and lost fish.
  • ABS Long Cast Spool - Compared to conventional spools, the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape.
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