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DC Supply (Pegatanke)

PegaTanke Cold Welding Epoxy (BLACK) - Green Box 1.48 Ounce

PegaTanke Cold Welding Epoxy (BLACK) - Green Box 1.48 Ounce

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PegaTanke Cold Welding Epoxy (BLACK) - Green Box 1.48 Ounce.

About this item

  • FIRST CHOICE FOR ALL REPAIRS - PEGATANKE epoxy glue is designed to repair exhaust piping, fuel tanks, water tanks, coolant tanks, pressure tanks, catalytic converters, bumpers, mirrors, surface cracks and more! PEGATANKE works on virtually any surface; however, it’s not as effective when applied to acrylic.
  • DEVELOPED FOR THE MOST DEMANDING INDUSTRIES - PEGATANKE, a professional grade resin, was originally developed for use in automotive, naval, electrical, military, construction and aerospace industries. PEGATANKE is a metal-to-metal glue of unparalleled quality.
  • STRONG, RESILIENT & WATERPROOF - Designed for heavy duty uses, it holds up to 550 pounds of dead weight per 1.48 oz of glue and resists up to 120 PSI of high pressure! The epoxy resin also works underwater even when completely submerged, allowing you to fix nautical machinery and underwater components in no time. PEGATANKE also withstands relatively high temperatures.
  • EASY TO USE - 1. Clean application area thoroughly, 2. Mix compounds 1 & 2 together equally, 3. Stir with spatula provided for 3 mins, 4. Apply PEGATANKE, 5. Join parts, 6. PEGATANKE is dry in 30 minutes in the sun or between 90-120 minutes in the shade, and total curation is around 8 hours.
  • WORKS ON ALMOST EVERY SURFACE - Metal, steel, aluminum, copper, MDF, ceramic, paving stone, wood, glass, PVC, plastic, tile & fiberglass. PLEASE NOTE THAT PEGATANKE IS A THICK PASTE.
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