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Skeleton Optics

Skeleton Optics Scout - MOSSY OAK WINTER® EDITION Sunglasses

Skeleton Optics Scout - MOSSY OAK WINTER® EDITION Sunglasses

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Designed for those who don’t go where the path leads, the Mossy Oak Winter® Scout sunglasses are intended for those who instead forge their own trail.

Skeleton Optics is pleased to provide hunters and sportsman the Mossy Oak Winter® camouflage pattern frames. Mossy Oak Winter Break-Up takes concealment in the frigid months to a new level. Mossy Oak Winter Break-Up will get you closer.  A custom blaze orange nosepiece has been fitted for anti-slip and moisture wicking, and to complete the look, the Skeleton logo has been hand painted in blaze orange. No two frames look exactly alike!

Every pair of Scouts include polarized polycarbonate lenses by Zeiss, designed using an advanced Tri-pel coating to promote clear vision, amazing visibility and clarity, while reducing discomfort caused by glare during outdoor activities. 

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