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Big Rock Sports, LLC (Henry's)

Star Rods Spinning Rod 6' X-Heavy.

Star Rods Spinning Rod 6' X-Heavy.

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You need a rod that can handle a surging monster, not a club to whack him over the head. The Star Rods Paraflex™ Boat Spinning Rod couples' raw power with smooth parabolic action in a surprisingly lightweight rod that's renowned for its ability to withstand long dives and get the fish coming your way. It's the perfect match for today's super-strong, lockdown-drag spinning reels, as it provides steady, even pressure throughout the fight. The Paraflex Boat Spinning Rod derives its unique combination of power and light weight from its thick-walled, thin-diameter high-density specially processed graphite blank, which you'll find to be well-equipped with high-quality Fuji guides and reel seat, comfortable EVA handles, and an aluminum gimbal.

  • Superior strength, lightweight performance
  • Smooth, even parabolic action
  • Designed to provide steady, even pressure
  • Thick-walled, thin-diameter graphite blank
  • Fuji guides and reel seat
  • Comfortable EVA handles
  • Aluminum gimbal
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