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Saltwater spinning reels were once primarily designed for small and medium game fishing, but recent innovations in metallurgy and design have made them players in big game fishing as well. Advances in drag systems, tackle and line capacity mean your spinner can win encounters with wahoo, chub, wrasse, sailfish and other big game while excelling in the most popular surf fishing and jigging. Saltwater spinning reels from Shimano, Penn, Van Staal and others are strong, light and durable for almost all fishing purposes. Ourswivel casters are made from high quality metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and brass and feature precision machined one piece frames. Choose from slow reels for bass and amberjack, fast reels for gamefish, and even two-speed reels to quickly catch slack line when a big fish makes a quick turn. Spinning reels are available for use with monofilament line, braided line, or both, in a variety of lengths and strength test capabilities. As a long-time family business, we have the personal knowledge of fishing tackle to help you choose the saltwater spinning reel that fits your unique needs and budget.