About Us

Tuppen's originally opened in the late 1940's as a custom woodworking facility located in Lake Worth, Florida. The Tuppen's family had two sons - Ron and Bud - who had a passion for boating and fishing. They started out building wooden water skis, and in 1956 opened as a marine dealership. The two brothers not only had a passion for boats and boat racing, they were also very instrumental in new ideas, innovation, and building the boating industry. The Tuppen's brothers took extreme pride in their reputation as fair, honest business men. Hand shake deals and a man's word were the normal way of doing business.

In 1999, Bud and Ron Tuppen were finally ready to retire. They turned the reigns over to two long-time employees, Steve Sprague and Bill Bachman. Admiring these two brothers and their success, Steve and Bill had a plan to continue doing business as the Tuppen's brothers have done for years. All these years later, we are still here continuing the business policy that the the Tuppen's brothers always had: fairness, sincerity, and honesty.

We thank you very much for doing business with us and for the friendships that we have made along the way.


Owner - Steve Sprague - boatking@earthlink.net

Owner - Bill Bachman - tuppensmarine@earthlink.net

Web Sales - Maximilian Mealor - tuppenswebsales@gmail.com

Boat Sales Manager - Jay Potlitzer - tuppensmarine@earthlink.net

Service Manager - Liz Renna - parts@tuppens.com


Tuppen's Store: (561) 582-9012

Boat, Motor, and Trailer Sales: (561) 582-9015

Service Department: (561) 588-3366