Collection: JYG Pro Fishing

JYG Pro Fishing is a brand that is pioneering the concept of Jigging, covering all levels and bodies of water including Fresh Water, Salt Water, Inshore and Offshore fishing. They are dedicated to creating innovative products from scratch, modifying and perfecting the Jigging technique.

The brand's top priority is their fishing community and resources, where they strive to educate and create solutions for the ultimate Jigging experience.

Innovation is at the core of JYG Pro Fishing's product development. Every product sold has been extensively tested by the team to ensure that they can be used to achieve the team's own goals on the water while Slow Pitch Jigging.

JYG Pro Fishing was built on four main principles: Research, Passion, Perseverance, and Success. As a brand, they continue to challenge themselves to think deeper and to create products that meet the needs of their fishing community.

JYG Pro Fishing