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Danco LED Drop Light

Danco LED Drop Light

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Use a snap swivel to attach this unique LED attractor to your line and draw the attention of those big, deepwater bottom dwellers. The Danco Ultra Flash Disco Drop Light puts on a dazzling multi-color display, cycling through 3 colors (red, green, blue) in a continuous imitation of natural phosphorescent sea life. Effective to a depth of 3000', Danco's Drop Light incorporates a high-output lithium battery rated for a minimum 72 hours of battery life.

  • LED attractor draws fish to your bait
  • Dazzling multi-color display
  • Imitates natural phosphorescent sea life
  • Effective to 3000'
  • Includes high-output lithium battery
  • Minimum battery life: 72 hours
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