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Fishbites E-Z Shrimp Saltwater Bait

Fishbites E-Z Shrimp Saltwater Bait

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The glitter-infused Fishbites® E-Z Shrimp Saltwater Baits give anglers the flexibility to experiment with different sizes, scents, and techniques. E-Z Baits can be used on a bare hook or as a trailer on a jig or skirt, plus they're effective for catching a host of saltwater species. Available in both the Fast-Acting (ideal for water below 65°) and Longer-Lasting (best for warm water, bottom fishing, and surf fishing) formulas, prudent anglers keep a bag handy at all times for trailing, jigging, chumming, or throwing on a bare hook – the uses are nearly endless. Comes with 2 bait strips. Made in USA.

  • Offered in Longer-Lasting or Fast-Acting formulas
  • Effective for a wide range of saltwater species
  • Require no refrigeration
  • Retain scent and durability for more than a year when properly stored
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