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GT Icecream

GT Ice Cream Needle Nose

GT Ice Cream Needle Nose

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The GT Ice Cream Needle Nose casting plug lure is a must-have for anglers looking to enhance their fishing experience. Expertly injection molded, these lures are available in an assortment of eye-catching colors that fish find irresistible. While the Needle Nose resembles the Skinny model, it stands out with a slightly shorter length and a broader profile.

What sets the Needle Nose apart is its range of new colors, designed to be exceptionally appealing to fish fixated on a specific colored bait. With multiple colors of the same lure, fishermen can now easily "match the hatch," ensuring they have the perfect lure to attract their catch.


Product Features:

  • Designed for super long casts in most conditions and can handle a small chop very well.
  • A slower retrieve with a high rod tip produces a strong side-to-side nose action.
  • The Needle Nose is the best all round lure for inshore and offshore, for all surface feeding predators.
  • Comes pre-rigged with a very sharp assist style hook for easy hookups and releases.
  • Excellent choice for: Tuna, Jacks, GT’s, Omilu, Bluefish, Stripers, Albies, Yellowtail, Roosters, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Wahoo and many more.
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