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Invincible Marine

Invincible Marine BR52610 Lower Unit Oil Pump.

Invincible Marine BR52610 Lower Unit Oil Pump.

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The Invincible Marine BR52610 Lower Unit Oil Pump makes changing your lower unit oil easy and mess-free. It attaches to a quart bottle and screws into your lower unit, fitting most outboard motors. This pump prevents spillage and avoids the need for awkward and smelly oil changes. Simply attach the pump to the drain hole, screw the cap onto a 32-oz bottle, and pump until full. It's a convenient tool for outfitting your boat or preparing for the boating season and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use. This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is known for its reliable performance. Invincible Marine is a trusted brand for fishermen and weekend boaters, offering high-quality and innovative products for all your nautical needs.

  • Made using the highest quality components.
  • Performance and quality tested.
  • The most trusted name in marine accessories and equipment.
  • Allows you to fill or change your lower unit oil with ease.
  • This unit fits quart bottles of lower unit lubricant and allows for "mess free" lube changes.
  • Just attach the pump to your lower drain hole, screw the cap on to any 32oz. lower unit bottle and just pump until full.
  • This lower until oil pump fits most outboard motors.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
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