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Big Rock Sports, LLC (Henry's)

Mercer Culinary 4" Pointed Tip Paring / Bar Knife with Guard

Mercer Culinary 4" Pointed Tip Paring / Bar Knife with Guard

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Use this Mercer Culinary M33933B 4" pointed tip paring / bar knife with guard to create the perfect garnish for your crafted cocktail! The perfect addition to any mixologist's toolbox, this knife is designed to effortlessly cut fruits, herbs, and vegetables for garnishing a Bloody Mary, Moscow mule, daiquiri, or your signature drink. Its pointed tip allows you to expertly pierce through thick crusts or skins with ease. Use it in your restaurant to cut apples or oranges, or in advance of catered events to prepare strawberries or lemon wedges.

This bar knife features a high carbon, stain-free steel blade, and its high-quality construction is perfect for use in your commercial bar or restaurant. Its polypropylene handle is textured to ensure a safe grip, especially behind the bar when surfaces or hands may be wet. To promote safer storing and transport, this knife includes a slide-on guard designed to cover the blade.

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