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Nomad Design

Nomad Design Slipstream Flying Fish Lure

Nomad Design Slipstream Flying Fish Lure

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This innovative lure is deadly for big tuna and marlin. The Nomad Design Slipstream Flying Fish offers a perfect high-skipping imitation of one of their favorite delicacies, and you can cast it, troll it, or run off a kite – it works with almost any rigging. The unique folding wings allow for long-distance casting and reduced water drag during the fight; through-body design permits inline rigging, which enables the body to slide up and out of the way after the hookset. Built-in hook channel keeps the Slipstream's hardware out of sight, but in position to strike; replaceable wings, tail fin, and side fins (replacement Wing Sets not included) add color-changing versatility. Maximum trolling speed: 8-9 knots.

200  8"
140 5.5"
  • Perfectly imitates a flying fish
  • Can be cast, trolled, or run off a kite
  • Unique folding-wing design
  • Convenient through-body rigging
  • Built-in hook channel
  • Replaceable wings and fins
  • Troll up to 9 knots
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