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OluKai Ho‘ōpio Women Onyx Sandal

OluKai Ho‘ōpio Women Onyx Sandal

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Gentle trade winds, warm ocean waters, and unforgettable sunsets make Hawai‘i the perfect place to rejuvenate the soul. Inspired by this serene backdrop, our Ho‘ōpio sandal captures the essence of the islands. Designed with a clean, simple, and playful aesthetic, this breezy beach sandal infuses every step with relaxing energy.

Key Features:

Island-Inspired Comfort: The Ho‘ōpio sandal is inspired by the gentle trade winds, warm ocean waters, and stunning sunsets of Hawai‘i, embodying the island's rejuvenating spirit.

Water-Friendly Design: Features water-resistant straps with a quick-drying jersey knit lining and a soft nylon toe post, ensuring an ultra-comfortable fit perfect for beach outings.

Supportive Footbed: Inspired by the wet sand principle, this anatomical poured PU footbed mimics the feeling of walking on wet sand, naturally contouring to your foot's unique shape.

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