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Orion Locator Plus - Marine Kit

Orion Locator Plus - Marine Kit

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Orion Locator Plus-4 Flare Kit Marine Accessories. The Orion Locator Plus-4 Flare Kit is the perfect kit for lake and coastal boaters. Contains 4 pyrotechnic signals, a distress flag and a whistle with lanyard. This kit comes in a plastic floating case.

Orion Safety Products Locate Marine Flare Signaling Kit:

  • Kit designed for lake and coastal boaters
  • Includes:     
    • Four USCG-approved handheld red flares 
    • One USCG-approved distress flag for effective daytime signaling
    • One safety whistle with lanyard (SOLAS-approved) as an audible signal
  • Packed in a waterproof, floating, compact case that lays flat and stores easily
  • USCG-approved for day or nighttime use
  • Orion is a leading provider of marine safety and signal products for recreational and commercial boaters
  • Be prepared for boating emergencies
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