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Shoreline Marine

Shoreline Marine Gas/Oil Mixing Bottle.

Shoreline Marine Gas/Oil Mixing Bottle.

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This Shoreline Marine Oil Mixing Bottle is an easy-to-use tool to help. It's made specifically. This features clear graphics on the outside that give you the ability to measure the exact amounts you need. It removes the need. The 2-cycle mixing bottle helps you get the proper gas-to-oil ratio right every time to keep your boat running efficiently. It has a convenient wide mouth for easy pouring. Keep your onboard in tip-top shape. Preventive boat motor maintenance facilitates safe boating and can keep your motor reliable for a long time.

  • An easy-to-use bottle that helps you properly mix your fuel or oil
  • Made for 2-cycle marine and home engines
  • Easy-to-read graphics on the bottle to help you mix the right amount the right way
  • 2-cycle oil mixing bottle can quickly and precisely determine ratios for 100:1, 50:1, 24:1 and 10:1 mixes
  • Removes the need for guesswork
  • Convenient wide mouth for easy pouring 
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