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Shoreline Marine

Shoreline Marine LED Trailer Guide on Light Kit Pair

Shoreline Marine LED Trailer Guide on Light Kit Pair

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Shoreline Marine SL59750 LED Trailer Guide on Light Kit, Pair.

Trailer Guide-On Post Mounted LED Taillights.

Adding these bright Sea Volt LED Trailer Guide-On Post Mounted Taillights to your boat trailer provides maximum visibility for over the road safety. They install quickly and easily onto your trailers existing 2" PVC guide-on pipe (2-3/8" OD).

Each light features 10 individual, long lasting, ultra bright, SMD type LED's with a uniquely designed housing that mounts directly on top of your PVC guide-on's. Locating your trailer lights high on top of your guide-on's dramatically increases visibility and attracts other drivers' attention.

This kit comes complete with mounting hardware and includes two color coded 10' wire harnesses with connections to install the lights to your trailers existing wire harness.


  • 2 Advanced SMD type LED Taillights featuring 10 LED's in each light. They are brighter and last longer than regular LED lights.
  • Marine grade construction.
  • Fully submersible and full function -Taillight/Turn Signal/Brake Lights.
  • Installation hardware includes two 10' wire harnesses, 6 trailer frame. wire clips, 4 Snap-On wire connectors, 4 heat shrink wire connectors and 4 stainless steel screws.
  • DOT/SAE/STI Approved.
  • Uniquely designed for easy installation onto your existing 2" PVC guide-ons.
  • Locating your trailer lights high on top of the guide-on's increases visibility. It makes them less likely to be damaged and keeps them out of the water when launching.
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